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After spending a year setting up the Early Childhood Development Center in Nepal, I saw the need for many different projects and this is how we became Sapana Nepal Projects. From everything such as Tutor Programs to Improved Cooking Stove Projects, some projects are short term, continual or yearly projects and each one has proved to be beneficial for many people. We also take pride in the fact that we work closely with the local community and support local projects they are in need of assistance with, whether it is financial or moral support. Good examples are the Water Reserve Project and the Mothers’ Group. In return, the benefits ripple out to so many. Just as we live in a world that is ever changing where technology is constantly improving and people are moving closer to cities in efforts to find work; we believe in creating opportunities within the rural villages in hopes of preserving the culture and the relationship villagers have with the earth and animals. Please read more about specific projects, goals, our stories, volunteer opportunities and Retreats to Nepal!

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Water Reserve Project



Our greatest thanks to Libby, Rachael and Courtney

In 2014 the village development committee approached us and asked for our help to construct an Improved Water Project that would benefit over 80 households in the village of Pumdi and surrounding areas. This project will consist of constructing a new pipe system closer to the spring water main source which would carry water throughout the villages. Water would be accessible for a longer duration during the dry season, allowing more water to be used for gardens, cooking and washing; and a reserve tank was also be built.

Jay Johnson was a well respected man in Washington State, he was an admired community member and a family man with a wonderful wife Libby and their beautiful daughters Rachael and Courtney. He served his community by being the local Fire Chief in the small quaint town of Stevenson, WA. While here, Jay got a reputation of being the “go to guy” for big projects and for helping those in need. Jay also worked for the local dam that ran along the Columbia River, this dam provided electricity to the local communities, so this Water Reserve Project in Nepal coincides with the job that he loved dong most! And the one that provided for his family. Thanks to the Johnson Family for your extremely generous donation for the water reserve project!


Village Children and Animals

Village children learn how to look after and care for animals at a young age. Most children have big responsibilities and are given specific daily chores.

There is a deep connection between the land, the animals and the community which can only be felt through expereince. 

Through developing connections with each other and Mother Nature a strong sense of belonging and purpose is easily witnessed.

Youth Group


Making time for play, using corn husks to build, meanwhile looking after a little sister.


The youth working on a community compost project.


A group of girls taking time out of their daily chores to get creative and color together.


Tutor Program

A Natural Teacher

Subas provided weekly tutoring sessions for children lacking educational support at home. Most children, especially girls, are needed at home to help with the household duties and or look after the younger ones; therefore they are unable to attend school regularly. By providing an encouraging environment for these children to study in, we hope that they will grow to appreciate and understand the importance of furthering their education meanwhile increasing self confidence, especially girls and children of low caste backgrounds.

Since Sapana Nepal Projects started, our main focus was on the ECD center, until we discovered then need for so many other projects and that is where the need for more staff came into light. After getting to know Subas and observing the way he interacted with children my immediate reaction was that he had a natural way with children and we wanted people like him in our organization. So we offered him a part time job and went from there.


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