Sapana Nepal Projects is a non profit organization with the intention of improving the lives of children and adults, through projects that benefit an entire community. We work directly with the local community members. We speak with locals in person to collaborate ideas and needs of their community. We then provide resources and formulate a plan together to execute the project of interest. 

Our projects benefit community members firstly by offering encouragement and support and then we provide the necessary resources for the project to be successful. When the required tools and proper layout is provided for the nominated project, locals are excited, inspired, enthusiastic and empowered to bring positive change to their communities.

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Sapana Nepal Projects

Early Childhood Development Center


 Provides parents and older siblings access to employment and other education, which improves their overall quality of life. We aspire to create balanced minds meanwhile by having fun focusing on teaching students the basics: such as role playing, developing fine motor skills, creative play and cultural arts. 

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How We're Helping


We are a nonprofit organization focused on helping make the world around us a better, happier place. Within our varied projects in Nepal, we are proud to present a volunteer program which allows students a hands-on, life-changing opportunity to working directly with the villagers implementing projects first hand.

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Empowering Women


We support the local women and provide them with the tools to succeed.  With a variety of projects: from ginger farming to sewing projects and our upcoming coffee project.  We work closely with local women to help them connect with oneself and each other through community projects ranging from ginger and coffee farming, and ongoing sewing training program.

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Love for Pumdi

Here you'll find clips I put together after spending a year in Nepal setting up our projects and working with the locals; highlights of a very special place filled with love, dance, connection and inspiration! - Nicole