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Global Tree Initiative

Global Tree Initiative - Planting Trees

If we want to keep the Earth as a habitable living planet, we need to take responsibility.

  1. They produce oxygen.  We are dependent on oxygen. Before plant life evolved on earth, there was not enough oxygen in the atmosphere to support terrestrial animal life.
  2. They combat climate change by absorbing CO2.  Due to man-made inventions such as cars, factories and power plants, there is an excessive amount of carbon dioxide in the air. Trees remove and store the carbon, then, release oxygen back into the atmosphere.
  3. Trees clean the air by acting like giant filters, absorbing odors, and pollutant gases.  They filter particulates out of the air.
  4. Trees have a cooling effect wherever they are planted, with special benefits to cities and highways. They can lower energy consumption.
Sapana Nepal - Tree Planting

Sapana Nepal - Tree Planting

Trees benefit the water and soil:

  1. They protect and purify our water sources.
  2. They slow rain as it falls to earth, allowing it to soak into the soil.
  3. This reduces storm water runoff thus preventing soil from eroding into our waterways and, also, causing landslides.
  4. They lessen flooding reducing damage to public and private property.

Beyond the two essentials, trees provide many social and economic benefits

  • Where there are trees, there can be parks for children and space for recreations like walking or hiking.
  • Trees are beautiful.  They are known to have mental and physical health benefits.
  • They are a source of food, flowers, bark, and other raw materials used by humans.  Plus, they buffer sound.
  • Humans are not the only ones who depend on trees.  Trees support wildlife. They provide shelter and food to many birds, animals, and insects.  They provide nesting and sleeping places and hideouts from predators.  Biodiversity helps to keep our planet thriving.  Yet, we are losing species at an alarming rate.

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