Early Childhood Development Center

Helping Kids Shine


Our largest main ongoing project is the Early Childhood Development Center which is located in the rural hills of Pumdi, Nepal. Our goal is to provide a safe, caring, enjoyable and educational environment for children ages 2-5. The ECD center provides parents and older siblings access to employment and other education, which improves their overall quality of life. By focusing on teaching students the basics such as role playing, developing fine motor skills, creative play and cultural arts. We aspire to create balanced minds meanwhile having fun.


The Beginning



This building was gifted to Rajesh on behalf of Sapana Nepal Projects back in 2008 for a pilot program. The goal was to turn it into an Early Childhood Development (ECD) center, a preschool where children can attend regularly instead of going to work with their mothers. Our goal was to provide a place where toddlers can spend their early years developing their fine motor skills, cultural social interaction, physical activities and cultural skills meanwhile enjoying a healthy childhood to the fullest in hopes of building a stronger self worth and confidence.



After months of Rajesh's hard work, the old building was transformed into this special center where children would learn and grow to become strong, kind and wise individuals. Our wonderful teachers Laxmi and Babina provide these youngsters with the support and tools needed to advance.

“By providing a place where children can interact and play in a safe educational environment, we believe that we may have a long term positive impact on the lives of many children and villagers in Nepal.” Founder -  Nicole Zito

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*Currently today, less than 15% of children in Nepal are exposed to Early Childhood Development Centers, especially for girls and those children that come from lower caste and disadvantaged communities. The goal of ECD centers is to increase children’s participation, retention and achievement in basics and primary education. Recent studies have found that children with ECD background perform better in school, especially those children from disadvantaged communities. The impact of ECD has shown that the success of those children with ECD experience in Grade one was 83% compared with only 42% for those without ECD experience. ECD provides a group setting for parents, particularly mothers, for sharing experiences and open ways for social transformation. *UNESCO International bureau of education 2006